Thursday, December 18, 2014

Report Back on Butterfly Town, USA Screening

The advance screening went well! 

The Monterey Herald's, Walter Ryce wrote a very nice review:

"This is the story of one man's vision of protecting the monarch butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California," the smooth-voiced narrator tells us. That's an indication of where the film's loyalties reside, but that bias is mitigated by some of Bob's detractors. This is a well-balanced meal of a film: a little starch, a lean cut of meat, lots of healthful vegetables and a little dessert of entertainment value."

It was also the perfect time to escape to Pacific Grove during the STORM OF THE CENTURY— Da da dum — as water flooded our apartment and turned streets into great places to kayak in San Francisco. 

Thank you to the Monarch Film Festival and the town of Pacific Grove for welcoming this film. 

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