Sunday, December 2, 2012

Documenting our Existence

I am fascinated by the results of the 1 second of your life project that I found perusing kickstarter.
My initial reaction is, what a wonderful project. What a great video to look back on your life!

It would only take one second of our day, each day, and yet it would add to our set of tools that we are mandated to nourish with data. So part of me wonders, if while we're busy documenting our lives through photography, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, our websites, blogs and apps, if we are actually living it at all? I mean LIVING.

Do we remember what it means to focus and be present?
Do we remember how it felt, to pass guilt free hours talking with friends in person while never checking email on our smart phones even once?
Do we remember how it felt to find uninterrupted flow in a task that we enjoyed so much so that we looked up and half the day was gone.
Are we so easily programmed that we are products of the tools we use? Tools embedded in a system that requires more to exist, that requires benchmarks of success to remain valid, where statistics and photographic evidence become indicators that prove our lives were worthwhile after all.