Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 3rd Film Benefit

On Tuesday, May 3rd, a handful of people gathered in a grand room in the heart of San Francisco to watch outstanding indie films from around the world —Saudi Arabia, Australia, Hungary and the US—all to benefit youth programs. The line up was demanding, and amazing. We screened 15 short films back to back in the historic building owned by the Elks on Post street. The Elks are an organization that my partner in organizing the film evening (and member of the Elks), Roger, likes to point out, offer the most scholarships in support of education after the US government. They also like Elks, A LOT. Little, elks are woven into the fabric of the rug and stuffed Elks adorn the walls as if they are watching over the humans comings and goings with mild amusement. (Those silly humans, what are they doing now? Why it looks like they are screening films and using the proceeds to help provide scholarships for youth at Urban Services YMCA or TILT and other such grand ideas. Not bad, not bad.)

For many filmmakers it was the first time they had screened their film and/or the first time they had talked about their work before an audience. JR Stone from Kron 4 showed up to moderate the discussion after the screening and he was a natural on the microphone. DJ SIC filled the house with nice beats to start and round out the evening. Those stragglers who'd stayed the whole evening and beyond, ended up at the bar in what felt like a scene from cheers. Misfits, artists, film enthusiasts, friends, fans. We were all there to celebrate how it all starts — humbly, simply, yet with quiet dignity and great intention.

To all the filmmakers out there who sometimes throw up their hands in frustration thinking — I must be crazy — keep working. To all the artists out there who break down sometimes because there is never ever enough time for doing the art you love — keep working. For all those out there with a dream, that can at times seem impossible — keep working. Keep taking one step at a time. It is your dreams, the beauty in the moments you work on what you love that make this world tolerable at all. Continue to spin moments of flow, to weave imagination and magic and bring to life your unique gift that you have to offer this world. And thank you, THANK YOU for doing so.

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