Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BAVC Producer's Institute Video Report Back

I am so so so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in the BAVC Producers Institute with our team at Sacred Land Film Project (SLFP), Toby, Jennifer and Quinn and our partner Dorothy Firecloud from the National Parks Service. As I blogged here for SLFP, the producers institute is an intense new digital-media boot camp leading to a project presentation before a packed house at the The Center in San Francisco.
For 10 days our team was immersed in learning about emerging new media technologies, how to harness them for social and environmental justice, how to nurture and grow communities, and how to motivate positive action using these exciting new tools. Topics ranged from alternate, augmented, virtual and hybrid digital reality, web 3.0, the “intelligent web,” data visualization, interactive mapping, to twitter strategy and crowd sourcing. We were surprised to learn that we are no longer filmmakers, we are “screen content producers!”

Check out the video report back on our work here at BAVC's website AND the radio stream on PRX.

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