Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fire in San Bruno

At 6:30pm today, as far as I knew, a plane had crashed into my home in San Bruno. Michael and I heard that news from our landlord's panicked call as we were driving home from San Francisco, and for a long minute we were horrified until we realized it was clearly just a prank. (A rather mean prank). I felt huge relief at that thought, until Michael pointed out that our landlord Tina, had NEVER pranked us, in the two years we've lived at our first floor in-law. Our faces then turned back into horror, Michael stepped on the gas, I thought I might pass out and the smoke billowed over San Bruno hill, just tempting enough for us to nearly COLLIDE with another car, though Michael quickly adjusted his eyes to the road. We both screamed, an inner wail of, what if, it's true? What if I just lost every "thing" I own and the roof over my head?

I pulled up SFGate on my phone but it had NO news. Then we were both like, DUH, twitter IS the breaking NEWS. Right? Of course, twitter requires some filtering. It had conflicting news. The fire was either caused by a plane, or it wasn't caused by a plane. I refreshed and CBS5 had tweeted, it is NOT a plane. (And it turns out a natural gas line ruptured.) I navigated to their site and found the exact streets where the fire is.

It IS burning just down the hill from my home. Our local grocery, Lunardi's was turned into a temporary parking lot for every police car, ambulance vehicle and firetruck in what looked like the ENTIRE Bay area.

San Bruno has been a very interesting place to live regarding a disaster now and then. A plume of black smoke erupted over the airport not too long ago. Fires broke out over the San Bruno mountains just last summer. I can already feel the bad jokes about an earthquake being next.

ABC 7 news on the web reports that about 45 homes may be affected. It reminds you how fragile life can be and how there is no excuse not to respect, love, enjoy and honor every single minute of it!

The sky is dark now and the fire is burning low. The planes have stopped circling, though the firetrucks continue to work below. The ABC is sharing news about the people who have lost their homes and I am thinking of them now, their lives altered, may they find some hope in the wreckage.