Thursday, January 21, 2010

I want more money - seeking the holy grail

It always boils down to money.

If you scan the hive mind, blogs, twitter, facebook et al. there's a deep sense of the public being wronged - whatever side you vote for, and what it boils down to is money.

The Supreme Court just sanctioned restrictions on corporate spending on federal campaigns, the very rich are getting even richer and throwing in a million dollar bonus on top, bailout money is disappearing through the cracks as we the people lose our homes, our jobs, our identity, as we are laid off, filing for bankruptcy, unable to afford health care or medical bills and it all comes down to money.

So I asked myself why this green papery thing is the centerpiece of our modern lives? What is it's mystery quality that entrances us? Why is money our holy grail - the thing all of us wish to have, and push ourselves onwards in the hopes that one day we too may be just like the people who have it. Why?

I am the first to admit that I play the lotto and envision the house on the beach from which I would sip hot cocoa and use my piles of green to cast good deeds about the world. This sentiment is so striking because no doubt it (I want more money) is a thought that the vast majority of us share.

We ALL want more money. Some want to be mega rich, others want to be comfortable, others have more defined goals -- to buy a house or to put your child through college, but we all want it and we think if we work MORE, work HARDER, we will be WORTHY of this SACRED object. If we do find ourselves in the position of inheriting or winning or earning more money, we still find it's not enough.

In 2010 we stand at a rather good vantage point for assessing what this collective thought (I want more money) has created - extreme poverty next to lavish wealth, degradation of the land in favor of corporate interest, anointing those who have more of this green papery stuff with special place in our society, a place that allows them freedom to trample and destroy as they see fit.

So I wondered what would happen if we abandoned the delusions the rich rely on us to have? Now THAT is a heavy thought.

What if we changed our thoughts? What if we chose a new collective holy grail? What if we just decided one day, that our goal in life - which our entire existence would center around would be to nurture as many friendships as we could, to care for the earth and to cause joy for each person we meet?

What if?

Ok, I admit, that's not going to happen. So what are some other options, some other ideas to mitigate the destructiveness of our money worship. THAT I will explore in my next blog. I am eager to hear your thoughts.

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