Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acts of Crime and revelations of Wonder

Get robbed at Gun Point Give freely to others

After an evening of reflection and proper sleep everything in life becomes a slight tinge of rosy for me. I'm even prone to giggling over silly things or things that are not supposed to be giggled at, like armed robbery. Even as I now write, I can't help chuckling and doling out the pragmatic advice that you must absolutely add one more item to your list of things to do in life ::Get robbed at Gun Point Give freely to others.
In the end it's an experience like anything else and it's not so much the experience, but what you do with it that counts. My experience is actually quite funny because it starts out with a psychic reading. I have never been to a professional psychic reading in my life. In High School they had women dressed like gypsy's at our graduation party and a gypsy told me that I would be rich. As it turns out, she had the same insight for most of the student body, so I've come to discount that reading. I was also accidentally read as I sat in a crowd observing as a famous Australian medium talked with dead people. It just so happened that my recently deceased grandpa came through and had a lot to say about the state of my messy room and that I should actually for once in my life make my bed. The medium/psychic also professed that I would continue to work in media and live on an island. Sort of looks like Britian, an earth island, he said. So that went on to come true and certainly peaked my interest in the topic.

Tuesday evening I had a spectacular first reading (a birthday gift) and as I walked back to Bart sort of glowing in wonder, a spontaneous thought came to me-- wouldn't it be hilarious if I got robbed right after seeing a psychic? I took mental note that, I should write that into a story.  Ha ha ha! Not two minutes later I turned off  toward Bart and out of the darkness emerged two shady looking guys and I thought, they look shady. They look very very shady. They're probably selling drugs, but I should walk faster. I bolstered myself and shouted triumphantly in my head, never fear because you are like super giant, like a mountain, like 6 feet tall and protected by a bubble of love and kindness, and magic and --

It was about then that I heard the feet SPRINTING behind me and found a gun suddenly pressed into my ribcage, which I found deeply offensive. I don't like to be touched by strangers. I also have an aversion to guns because they have a nasty record of harming humankind more so than helping. The young robber boy seemed to sense that and backed away, but remained careful to point the gun at my ribs as his partner hovered behind me.