Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dancing Guy - Sasquatch Music Festival

I first ran across this video of what people are calling the "Dancing Man" or the "Dancing Guy"on Andy Polaine's blog and kept coming back to it. There is something addictive about the video at a very basic level but when I ask myself why the video is so addictive I wasn't entirely sure. Is it because one person can start a giant dance party? Well sort of, but I have been thinking a lot about the power of the small person to transform anything at all. How exactly do we go about effecting the numerous changes needed to sustain ourselves on this planet, bring about social justice and equality across all fronts, economic, gender, religious practice etc... I guess the dancing man became a mini symbol in my head that if you just stick to your own truth and it is a GOOD truth others will come round. Because after a small bit of research I found that the dancing man wasn't just dancing for one song, he was up and dancing for what appears to be the ENTIRE Sasquatch Music Festival duration as you can watch here and here. The Sasquatch Festival was even inspired by him and embedded the youtube video on their site, (scroll down to June 10th). His dancing inspired thousands of comments, and the video has well over a million views on youtube.DigiLusionist commented, "Fascinating. It's like watching a spontaneous explosion of hippies, freaks, and fruitcakes bust out into apoplectic movement." With all of the recent Woodstock exposure I couldn't help but think this is our Woodstock. In much smaller moments, embedded in the concert venues and festivals now consumed and regulated by large corporations, security and standard operating procedures, our Woodstock won't be reproduced by a 40th anniversary special but will be made in the millions of small moments like these. It's via real time social media that we'll know something fundamental has changed and we can all come out of the closet and start acting on it. Corporations can't coopt the spirit, and the Dancing Guy (who I read may be named Colin) is just another example of that.

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