Wednesday, February 11, 2009

microanimation #1 - Pier 70 Chair

As two models were being photographed at pier 70 in San Francisco a man rolled through the gates in his car. He stopped, got out and commented on setting being ideal for filmmaking. We agreed and he pointed to a run down building in the distance. He'd always wanted to go into THAT building. I nodded, understanding the impulse. The area smacks of adventure, run down, gritty, industrial. Being from Detroit I felt right at home.


The man, who I'll name Mitch, said when he was a child he used to play with matches. One day his dad took him to a run down building that was set for demolition in Chicago and made him play with matches for hours. Afterwards they threw rocks at the windows together -- every boys dream, I think my hands were bleeding but it was a good bonding experience.

Then Mitch got in his car and drove away.

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