Sunday, December 21, 2008

Transit Comics

A comic anthology by the Dirty Drawers (Bay Area cartoonists with some amazing talent - do explore the links) about public transportation has been published on the Internet and is also being distributed, from what I can gather, on San Francisco public transport.
 If you've public transported much, you know the time you spend there can range from maddening to spiritually uplifting. This anthology taps into the ritual, the opportunity, the small yet beautiful daily habit. How often do you get to sit in close proximity with absolute strangers after all? For some of us everyday. For most, rarely. I think car is still king. And all that time waiting then riding and all of the different stories colliding together, it's so beautiful it makes me cry.

Check it out for yourself.

I especially like Story Submission #7 Lean on Me and  "No Live Animals" has got to be on the way to cult (if it isn't already?). I even sent in a story myself ("Story Submission #6")!

What's your story?

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