Monday, December 29, 2008

Life After TV

“The world is made of stories not atoms”
- M. Rukseyer -

It's been five and a half years since I've had a TV. Despite what that may sound like there has been no absence of "TV" viewing at all, I'm a sucker for good stories and I believe "the world is made of stories not atoms".  Life after TV has been very bright.  All media viewing became targeted, purposeful, more diverse, and better quality. The most vital part of life after TV is that I no longer allow giant media conglomerates with political agenda’s to spoon feed me advertising with what they deem to be quality TV in between. I get to choose.  That’s why I checked out "Six Feet Under" from the library and watched the entire series over two years on DVD, that’s why I sampled “24” and “Lost”. The rest I can do without.

Together as media consumers we have the power to completely reshape the media landscape.

Here are some places to watch/check out targeted media online for free (feel freed to comment and add your own favorite places):

(Best) Your Public Library
Check out DVD’s at your library! You may be surprised by many library’s have some great classics, foreign films and new films.

Current TV
Viewer created content
The most popular internet film spot will often have just what you’re looking for but now it’s partnered with MGM and offers selected feature films (poor selection for now but it may improve)
Google video
Revver pays video makers a small fee for viewers who watch their video.
Classic Cinema Online
Great classics for free here!
A joint venture of NBC and Fox.
Atom Films

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