Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Verse 7 - Grand Canyon Dreaming

I went to the grand canyon in a bus full of tourists, with a driver named Tye who was part of 5 documentary's as an animal trainer. After the overwhelming beauty filled my heart with wonder and peace I slept awaking the next morning with catastrophic nightmares that included floods and earthquakes. The nightmare shook me. It took me by surprise. If anything I had expected good dreams after such a wonderful day. I didn't know what to think until later (in Verse 7) when Jeneda Benally shared that she had a wonderful dream that the mother earth would provide and take care of her. In a flash I felt I understood what my own dream meant - those close to the earth would know how to react in times of change in our environment and land. Although, this may be a very logical thought, I feel it is a powerful message for white folks like myself, living in our little urban clusters. It felt like a warning. And it makes me think of the Tsunami in 2004; because of their kinship with the land, the indigenous people in the areas affected, were able to avert disaster.

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