Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Song - Verse I

 At one time there were no cameras to tell stories and there was no youtube where now we can find anything that we might imagine. Instead, we had song and story. I have a story that I would like to tell here - a journey to the US Southwest to meet with Native American environmental activists and bring them together with a team of women public interest attorneys to build a network that will confront the destructive practices of corporations, extractive industries and indoctrinated patterns of thought made into law. Convened by Women's Earth Alliance (WEA) in September 2008, I was invited into this story as a videographer who comes from a background of working with disadvantaged youth and on indigenous issues. The camera I took with me has captured this story into digital, and it will eventually be set free into the hyperspace of the Internet. Before that can happen long weekends spent culling through the material and chopping and fixing is necessary. In the mean time the story calls to come out here, almost as a song with high notes, somber low notes and the spirit of hope. May this song sets you afire as you read. I hope it lights one of your matches inside, so that you will burn even brighter, so that we will all together light up the sky.

In Verse I, the women of women's earth alliance met the 5 delegates who are all law professionals with an interest in working for environmental justice. In a stark white hotel conference room introductions took place and a low rumbling was heard in the distance, the sound of drums. Now, I don't know how you hear it - do you hear it as drums or bagpipes or bees? The it I am referring to is very peculiar. You can only hear it, if you are very quiet and still. It is the steady march of oneness. The march of we are not alone (ness). The remembrance that all life on earth is interconnected and made of the same fabric at which the base is love. So yes, the drums became more apparent to me as Jennifer, Genesis, Meredith, Libby, and Stephanie the delegates and Melinda, Caitlin and Shannon the WEA staff introduced themselves and that triggered my ears. I did have headphones on through amplifying equipment, so that may be an unfair advantage. Since this first day, I continue to hear the drums, as a reminder of all that we know deep inside us. I am strengthened by these amazing women.

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