Saturday, June 21, 2008

Berkeley 1974

Foolishly I didn't recognize her voice. As she sang thanks to Bob Dylan, as she sang odes to war prisoners worldwide and talked of Amnesty International's work. I half listened and absorbed only that she had a big heart and something to say. It gave me hope, it sparked pride, perhaps among the youth of America there was a gem, a brave gem who would sing for us? She would sing and tell the stories of change and hope and human struggle. How better to bring peace than with song. My heart lifted. I listened closer and stopped. The voice was familiar, and somewhere I questioned, could there be someone so precious who has escaped my radar? Indeed she had, for some time she'd drifted. She was a relic, a lady I admired, someone that my mom listened to. I hadn't thought about her in years until today when m2 played her concert live from the Greek Theatre in Berkeley CA. The year was June 2, 1974, before I was born, and the Joan Baez concert streamed to us via, a site we tend to listen to lately in the evenings.

Is there fire in America? Is there fire like hers? Do we consume ourselves with fear and stuff? Are we all so tired? Is the commute so long? Or do fires burn somewhere still, waiting to erupt?

"No more nations Lord Kum Ba Yah
No more armies Lord Kum Ba Yah"