Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pedestrians spotted in suburban American town

A confused taxi driver on his way home from work halted this evening mistaking pedestrians for stranded, confused wayward citizens. He asked us (m1m2) if we were lost or in need of help, apparently confused to find people WALKING in a suburban American town. We thanked him politely saying that we were just, err - walking, and he went on his way. This incident was either a new marketing strategy to coax clients into taxi's, or it was a genuine act of kindness in which he noticed the absurdity of two people **walking**. Naturally, in American suburbia this can ONLY translate to - oops their car broke down - unless of course the people are attached via leash to a dog. (As we all know, in cases of dog walking this rather obscure activity is overlooked.)

Just another one of those things that make you shrug and smile - ahh it's America.

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