Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Excercising Power

Are Americans so focused on Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and Reality TV that we can't possibly bother to think about the freedoms that are slipping away as we speak? This was the topic of discussion on the phone with one of my soul friends from back home in the Midwest. We talked about how everyone is much too focused on keeping their mortgage, paying off student debt, staying on top of bills, attending to struggling relationships strained by the enormous weight of debt, that we haven't any further time to form a clear strategy, a feasible pathway for how to save our sinking democracy.

Our talk was circular delving into America's rich history of public disobedience and crossing over into powerful groups like the Black Panthers and the Weathermen. Our ranting was pained, worried, like mothers trying to figure out how to save their children who've fallen in with the wrong crowd. Where was the anger we wondered? Where is the rage? Most important of all, what could we do?

We are at a turning point right now. If dreams are any indication, the shadow of our future is menacing, rather than peaceful. But we have the power to change it all. Don't we! I'm not sure what we can do, but my soul friend and I surmised boycotts may be the key. I personally own 2 TVs (that I found on the side of the road) which sit in my closet in case I ever have a video exhibit and need them. Maybe that is a first step? Put the TV in the closet! If that is too radical then maybe we can all boycott Foxtel together. We can refuse to eat at Fast Food places. We can cut down meat eating to three times a week or go all out vego. We can hug a stranger. We can be fearless.

Can you just imagine, if for one day, everyone in America did not watch TV?

It hearkens me back to Earth Hour in Australia where for one hour everyone in Sydney turned off their lights as a symbolic act to show our power to change the tides of global warming and energy usage. The effect was tremendous and support washed over the world.

We have the power to make the change, we just have to exercise it. So lets get started heh? Let's help each other, give each other a kick in the arse every now and then. Come on folks. Together, one, two, three.....

Lets shower the world with our love!

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