Friday, June 8, 2007

Viva the green revolution

m1m2 creative recently relocated back to the USA from Sydney Australia. Prior to that we lived in Germany. This has led to some interesting and comedic observations on the cultural differences which I will try to post in the future. For the moment I'm excited by all of the "green" ideas, companies, media organizations that are getting increasing press here.
I recently ran across the may/june 2006 (older but!) issue of UTNE which features "new capitalists" and discusses what's happening out there to revolutionize the way businesses think and operate. Very worth checking out.

Somewhat related to this is an interesting company with a 3D camera and editing system that stitches the images together. It looks promising. I would love to play with it.

In the meantime, resources lifted from the utne magazine:

American Clay
North Star Beds
Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm
Perfect Organics
eGo Vehicles
Neuton Cordless Electric Mower
Spa Naturally/Creative Water Solutions
Radiant Floor Company

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